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Opening sequence for Lebrija Televisión’s programme on flamenco, ’Charlas a Compas’ 


Concept, direction, cinematography and editing by Harjinder Grewal

Talent provided by Lebrija Televisión

Commissioned by Lebrija Televisión 

Filmed on location in Lebrija, Spain


Promo for exclusive 5 star luxury hotel Buenavista Golf & Spa in Tenerife.


Direction, cinematography and editing by Harjinder Grewal

Filmed on location in Tenerife, Spain


Promo introducing KingL Man, aka D.Watts Riot (Fun-da-mental) 


Filmed, edited and directed by Harjinder Grewal

Commissioned by Earconditioning

Filmed on location in Tenerife.

Amnesty International: Abolish the death penalty

Spec ad to raise awareness of Amnesty’s campaign to abolish the death penalty. 


Directed by Harjinder Grewal

Written & Produced by Ben Hogan & Harjinder Grewal

Cinematography: Anka Bogacz

Sound Design: Roland Heap 

Filmed on location in London.


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