Short dance film exploring traditional and contemporary flamenco

Featuring Marco Flores

Concept, direction, cinematography and editing by Harjinder Grewal

Produced by Kate Wilson for Fury Films
Commissioned by East End Film Festival
Filmed on location in Lebrija, Spain

Respiro Films is the umbrella name under which filmmaker, photographer Harjinder Grewal showcases commissioned work and short films.   
Commissioned by Film London, The British Council, arts organisations, festivals, performing artists and local authorities.  

Exhibitions and screenings include Pakistan National Arts Gallery, Whitechapel Art Gallery, East London Film Festival, East End Film Festival, National Geographic Society(London), Tanzfabrik(Berlin), 
Aicon Gallery(New York), Art Park(Dubai). 

For work enquiries: 

Tel: +448455089373
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Docu-drama sketch exploring the role of an actor from preparation to performance, offering an insight into this intimate art of transformation, while reconstructing the artifice of cinema.
Scene 9 Take 2
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